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Put JACK to work for you! 

 92% of Americans listen to radio each week! Radio is the most cost-effective advertising medium that generates great results! 


Our Musical mix does not fall into a traditional radio industry format category. Neither does the audience. Let’s call our approach “Adult Variety”.  And let’s say this magical ever-changing playlist is really good at reaching a variety of adults. Lots of them. Actually! The kind who have jobs and taste, and surprising strong purchasing power. 


Time Magazine on Jack FM – “The most successful branded music format in 25 years”

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Want to advertise on 107.1FM / 1400AM Jack FM?

We also have another radio station WTRN Easy Favorites 96.9/100.7 in house that between the two serves a wide demographic in the market.


Please contact our sales department at 814-684-3200 or with the form below and someone will be in contact with you as soon as possible!

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